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Spark216: Youth Workshop at CCF7 Creative Control Fest Myself, Jacinda Walker Jermel Wilkerson Sr. and Robert Gatewood had a dope opportunity to partner with Power: Creative Control Fest 7 and we did our third installment for 2018 this past weekend Spark216: Youth Workshop at CCF7 and what a success we had 30 kids. futuredesigners creativekids

This about non tech design thinking, empathy mapping and prototyping their ideas using good ole fashion markers, construction paper and play-doe.

Spark216 is a workshop for creative youth ages 9-15 who are curious about design-related careers. Attendees will expand their creativity by participating in 4 hour workshop of creative learning activities led by local design professionals. Our activities will expose the next generation of youth to graphic design, web, architecture, photography, illustration, and design thinking. Spark216 also offers parent(s)/guardians an educational session to learn more about design careers and their impact on the workforce in the 21st century.

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