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Spark216 is a collective of creative professionals who are passionate about design, youth, education, and entrepreneurship. We are very pleased that you have decided to join us. You are in for a special treat.

This event is brought to you with the gracious support of Cleveland State University’s (CSU), Art & Design Department. Today’s youth attendees will be working in the Middough Building’s computer lab and associated classrooms on the 2nd floor. In the lab, students will be using Adobe Spark, a free, web-based app that allows users to combine text, pictures, video, icons, and voice to tell stories. This software will help our design leaders and youth attendees to work collaboratively on a self-selected design project. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for young creative students to recognize and celebrate the power of design.

If you have any comments or questions about the event or upcoming activities, please do not hesitate to contact any one of the Spark216 team members. We are glad to help in any way we can.

This interactive event exposes the next generation of creative youth, ages 11-15, to design careers. During this four-hour event, attendees will be paired with a professional designer to lead them through the steps of creating a hands-on design solution using the design thinking process along with industry standard software. Spark216 also offers parents an information session to learn more about the power of careers in design.

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