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Young At-Risk Children Learn About Graphic Design

At the beginning of every new semester I have Art Exposure Week. This is a week where I travel to different locations throughout the city of Cleveland talking to all ages about Graphic Design, Marketing, Grades, Social Responsibility and what to expect this Spring Quarter. There isn’t an age limit to my Visual Communication Program if you can click a mouse you can design something. You never know what to expect how dealing with the youth they are very distracted with Basketball, Video Games and horse play.  I decided to do something different and talk to a rowdy bunch of six to nine year olds in the computer lab. I entered in at prime-time around 4:30 pm where they were running from computer to computer yelling, laughing and being crazy kids. I love being spontaneous to see what feedback I can get and see if I at least engage a couple. I do a survey at the end to see if they are interested in being a part of something that will change their life. It’s just me my MacBook Pro, Camera and a handful of Speed Art Videos to try to catch their attention.