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Acting Out in School – How To Deal With A Disruptive Class

Ok! So this is tricky because Tristan is a ten-year-old who has good grades and he knows today’s lesson probably faster than any of his peers the issue is he’s got it and can’t wait for the others to get it or catch up so he’s out his seat and disrupting the teacher and the rest of the class. He’s smart and knows his stuff yet he’s still getting sent to the office. I have to think about this one some more. How do we keep brilliant guys like him idle and avoid overlooking these baby geniuses. I’m not saying this is happening in this scenario but I feel like it could happen else where because usally the bad guys have bad attitudes and the grades to match but not necessarily or is this just about being able to deal with a disruptive class. Hmmmm! Here’s my latest vlog at Richmond Heights  Elementary School After School Art Class.

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